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Since Established in 1943

About Us

We are leading foundry in Gujarat, India established in 1943. We are producing Grey Cast Iron and Nodular Iron (Ductile Iron) castings from 5 Kg to 150 Kg single piece. We are supplying fully finished parts to OEMs since 1956 and all our plants are TS16949 certified. We cater to various sectors like Automotive, Agricultural, Construction, Railway, Off Road vehicle, Tractor, Hydraulic, Pumps and Valves etc. We mainly produce parts for Engine, Axle, Transmission, Chassis etc. We have full-fledged development facility where we can develop parts from drawing or from supplied sample parts in reverse engineering mode. We have fully automatic High Pressure Moulding Line with integrated metal and sand lab to check the process capability. Our major strength that we have well equipped modern machine shop, our 95% parts goes with in-house machining. Our highly skilled man power and technical team is capable to develop critical parts in minimum possible time. Our objective to give best solution to customers in very reasonable price.

Company Snapshot

  • Founded in 1943.
  • OEM supplier Since 1956
  • Ahmedabad unit established in 2008
  • All units TS 16949 certified since 2003.
  • Producing Grey iron and Ductile iron grades.
  • In house machining & balancing facilities.