C.M Smith & Sons Ltd. boasts of a high-tech Foundry that has been equipped with cutting-edge technology and is driven by perfection at every step. Not only that, each and every casting produced at the foundry is subjected to a series of quality checks. Stringent parameters that meet international specifications are defined in the quality plan, and samples from each batch are tested against these norms. Extensive tests are carried out at the in-house quality control laboratories to ensure production of sound and defect-free castings.

The strict Quality Check that is followed to make sure of Quality Control include:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Chemical analysis
  • Mechanical strength tests
  • Metal micro-properties determination tests
  • Ultrasonic non-destructive tests for discerning internal flaws

C.M Smith is one of the very few foundries in India equipped with Hi-Tech facilities:

Infrastructure details Size Make
Horizontal High Pressure Moulding Line 800 x 650 x 300/300 Fritz Hansberg
Induction melting with dual track facility 4 M.Ton per hour Inductotherm
Automatic pouring facility 5.5 Ton and 1 Ton Fomet, Italy
Sand Mixing 60 Ton / Hour Eicher
Core making facility 65 Ltr max Hansberg
Shot Blasting (Hanger Type) 3 Min cycle time Shree Shakti


  • Make : Fritz Hansberg
  • Parting : Horizontal
  • Box size : 800x650x300/300
  • Speed : 120 Moulds/Hour
  • Core Setting : Automatic



  • Make : Eirich Mixer
  • Parting : 60 Ton / Hour
  • Box size : PLC Based with online moisture and sand testing facility.
  • Speed : Simpson USA


  • Make : Inductotherm
  • Type : Induction
  • Power : 3 MW
  • Crucible : Two (Dual Track)
  • Melting Cap : 4 MT/Hour
Cm Smith and sons pvt. Ltd.

Best Cast iron Foundries in india


  • Make : Fomet Italy.
  • Type for CI : Heated type press pour with auto inoculation.
  • Type of DI : Unheated, tilt type with auto inoculation.
  • Crucible :Two (Dual Track)
  • Capacity : 1 Ton


  • Make : Hansberg
  • Type : Cold Box & Shell Core shooters.
  • Capacity : 65 Ltr Max.
  • No of Mach. : 07 No
  • Backing : Yes
Best Cast iron Foundries in india

Cm Smith and sons pvt. Ltd.


  • 43 elements Spectro meter of Spectro Lab from Germany.
  • Computerized Image Analyzer for microstructure.
  • Computerized UTM for Tensile, Elongation.
  • Computerized Brinell Hardness Tester.
  • CE Meter.