About Us

Established in 1943, C.M Smith & Sons Ltd. has been growing strength to strength over the past seven decades. Inspired by a strong legacy, and motivated by the vision to remain world-class through a focus on quality products and services, C.M Smith is one of the best foundries in India.

The company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Grey Cast Iron and Nodular Iron (Ductile Iron) castings weighing from 5 Kg to 150 Kg a single piece. The company has been catering to diversified industries and has been functionally supplying fully finished parts to OEMs since 1956. Following strict international standards with quality systems, all the plants under the company have been credited with TS16949 certification.

C.M Smith & Sons Ltd. has been a world-class cast iron manufacturer for diversified industrial sectors such as

Cm Smith and sons pvt. Ltd.

We are fuelling the exponentially growing automotive industry with our distinct applications, including automotive turbine housings, shafts, brakes calipers, etc.

Best Cast iron Foundries in india
Material & Handling

With high-end, automated machines and technologies, C.M Smith has established a reputation as one of the best foundries in India for casting material and finishing products.

Cm Smith and sons pvt. Ltd.

The railway industry is at a qualitative augmentation, and C.M Smith is doing its part fabulously. We are supplying a wide range of railway castings that meet both regulatory as well as customer standards.

Best Cast iron Foundries in india
pumps & Valves

When it comes to precision in finish and dimensions, which is a must for pumps and valves, we put our expertise at work and put the best castings for pumps on the table.

Cm Smith and sons pvt. Ltd.

Being the leading cast iron manufacturers for the agriculture industry, we never fail to produce and supply only the optimum range of harvesters, tillage equipment, seeding & planting equipment, etc.

Best Cast iron Foundries in india

C.M Smith is a dominant name among the cast iron suppliers for hydraulic pump castings. We combine exceptional engineering with high-end machinery to give the required correctness to hydraulic castings.

With an objective to achieve the best solutions at the helm of time and money, we make sure that our Production & Development teams are working to the best of their abilities.

The production facilities are equipped with a fully automated High-Pressure Moulding Line along with a mixed metal and sand lab to check on the process capability. The production facility boasts of a modernized machine shop, which makes it possible to create 95% of the parts with in-house machining allowing us to be one of the pioneer foundries in India.

The skilled engineers in our R&D Department make it possible to develop parts from drawing or from supplied sample parts in reverse engineering mode. Added with our highly committed manpower and technical team, the production team at C.M Smith & Sons Ltd. is capable of producing critical elements in minimum possible time.

At C.M Smith & Sons Ltd., every day is a new journey of growth, taking on new challenges and going beyond these, unswerving from our search for excellence and growth, at home and overseas. Despite its high degree of documented certification, the company continues to nourish its grass root principles of continually maintaining high standards of precision and quality as cast iron manufacturers and is committed to satisfying the varying and diverse customer requirements.